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CachyOS February 2024 Release

Refind fixes, major glibc upgrade, new nvidia driver

Greetings, CachyOS enthusiasts!

We’re excited to announce our second release of 2024! This update focuses primarily on maintenance, bringing essential kernel updates, a major glibc upgrade, and a streamlined Live ISO.

This release comes ahead of the highly anticipated Plasma 6 update, ensuring compatibility with its transition to QT6.

Important Note: Due to a bug in mesa 24 impacting GNOME on NVIDIA cards, we are currently unable to offer a GNOME ISO for this release.


  • refind: Enhanced layout flexibility by moving from /boot/efi to /boot, supporting various filesystems and encryption options.
  • Live ISO: Enjoy a cleaner and more synchronized Live ISO experience.
  • Launch Installer: Benefit from a helpful recommendation for online installation.
  • shell-configs: Customize your terminal experience with the option to disable fastfetch and utilize a new “update” alias.
  • netinstall: KDE users rejoice with the addition of phonon-qt5-vlc.
  • Package Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest versions of linux-cachyos (6.7.6), mesa (24.0.1), gcc (13.2.1-12), glibc (2.39), and nvidia (550.54.14).


Grab your copy of the latest ISO from our mirrors on SourceForge:

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Thank you for your continued support!

The CachyOS Team

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