Blazingly Fast & Customizable Linux distribution

CachyOS is designed to deliver lightning-fast speeds and stability, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable computing experience every time you use it. Whether you're a seasoned Linux user or just starting out, CachyOS is the ideal choice for those looking for a powerful, customizable and blazingly fast operating system.

Goal: Provide you better speed, security and ease of use


Discover the Benefits of CachyOS

Experience Cutting-Edge Linux Performance with CachyOS - A distribution built on Arch Linux, CachyOS features the optimized linux-cachyos kernel utilizing the advanced BORE Scheduler for unparalleled performance.

Enhance Your Performance with Optimized Packages

CachyOS does compile packages with the x86-64-v3, x86-64-v4 and Zen4 instruction set and LTO to provide a higher performance. Core packages also get PGO or BOLT optimization.

Choose Your Ideal Desktop Environment

CachyOS offers a variety of popular desktop environments including KDE, GNOME, XFCE, i3WM, Wayfire, LXQT, OpenBox, Cinnamon, UKUI, LXDE, Mate, Budgie, Qtile, Hyprland and Sway. Select your preferred environment during the online installation process.

Customizable Installation Process

CachyOS offers a choice of two installers to fit your needs: a user-friendly GUI version based on Calamares, and a CLI-based option for those who prefer a streamlined, non-graphical installation experience.

Power Up Your Computing with Robust Kernel Support

CachyOS utilizes the BORE Scheduler for better interactivity, and offers a variety of scheduler options including EEVDF, sched-ext, ECHO, and RT. All kernels are compiled with optimized x86-64-v3, x86-64-v4, Zen4 instructions and LTO to be optimized for your CPU.

Surf the Web Safely and Efficiently with CachyOS's Browser

Our default browser, Cachy-Browser, is a fork of the well-known Firefox with added security features and optimized performance. Patches from the librewolf browser are also incorporated for an even better browsing experience.

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