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CachyOS January 2024 Release

x86-64-v4 autodetection, sched-ext provided as default

Greetings, CachyOS enthusiasts!

Happy new year! We’re excited to introduce our first release of 2024, which brings a wealth of new features and improvements to CachyOS.

New autodetection for x86-64-v4 CPUs

We’re now automatically detecting and enabling the x86-64-v4 repository for users with compatible CPUs, such as Zen 4, Intel 11th Gen, or Intel Xeon. This will ensure you get the best performance possible from your system.

Improved Wayland experience for NVIDIA users

Starting with this release, xwayland is now patched with explicit sync patches to further enhance the Wayland experience for NVIDIA users. This should result in smoother and more responsive graphics.

Default kernel with sched-ext scheduler framework

The default kernel now includes the sched-ext scheduler framework, which allows you to dynamically switch between different schedulers at runtime. This gives you more flexibility in fine-tuning your system performance. There are several example schedulers such as scx_rusty, scx_nest and scx_rustland.

Additional package updates

We’ve also updated a number of other packages, including mesa 23.3.3, the Linux kernel 6.7.1, gcc 13.2.1, mkinitcpio 37.2, and xorg-xwayland 23.2.4.

Bug fixes

We’ve also fixed a bug that was affecting Ada Lovelace NVIDIA cards. Now, the NVIDIA modules are directly packed into the initramfs to avoid issues with the early KMS.

mkinitcio also got a bugfix: solved issues with the 6.7 kernel, which resulted into a really big initramfs image.

Download and support

You can download the latest CachyOS ISO from our mirrors on SourceForge:

If you would like to support our development efforts, please consider making a donation to help cover our monthly server costs:

Thank you for using CachyOS!

The CachyOS Team

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