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CachyOS November Update Released

Enhanced NVIDIA Module and Faster Package Updates

Greetings, CachyOS enthusiasts!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of CachyOS, marking our 11th release in 2023. This update brings significant improvements to graphics performance and package updates, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience for our users.

NVIDIA Module Overhaul

One of the key highlights of this release is the transition from using nvidia-dkms to precompiled NVIDIA modules. This change streamlines the update process and provides a consistent NVIDIA experience across all our kernel variants, including linux-zen and linux-hardened.

Package Updates

CachyOS 6.6.1 brings a range of package updates, including:

  • linux-cachyos 6.6.1
  • nvidia-utils 545.29.02
  • mesa 23.2.1
  • zfs-utils 2.2.0
  • mkinitcpio 37

These updates provide enhanced stability, performance, and security for your CachyOS system.

Bug Fixes

We’ve also addressed several notable bugs, including:

  • Reintegration of nvidia-hook to prevent installation issues with the new module
  • Renaming of packages in the netinstall due to recent KF5 packaging changes
  • Inclusion of xdg-desktop-portal-gnome in the GNOME installation for netinstall

Download and Support

You can download the CachyOS 6.6.1 ISO from our mirrors on SourceForge:

We appreciate your continued support and encourage you to consider donating to help cover our monthly server costs:

Thank you for choosing CachyOS!

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