Blazingly Fast & Customizable Linux distribution

CachyOS is designed to deliver lightning-fast speeds and stability, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable computing experience every time you use it. Whether you're a seasoned Linux user or just starting out, CachyOS is the ideal choice for those looking for a powerful, customizable and blazingly fast operating system.

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Goal: Provide you better speed, security and ease of use


Discover the Benefits of CachyOS

Experience Cutting-Edge Linux Performance with CachyOS - A distribution built on Arch Linux, CachyOS features the optimized linux-cachyos kernel utilizing the advanced BORE Scheduler for unparalleled performance.

Enhance Your Performance with Optimized Packages

CachyOS features desktop packages optimized for maximum performance with the latest LTO and x86-64-v3 optimization techniques, as well as improved security and performance enhancements.

Choose Your Ideal Desktop Environment

CachyOS offers a variety of popular desktop environments including KDE, GNOME, XFCE, i3, bspwm, LXQT, Openbox, Wayfire, and Cutefish. Select your preferred environment during the online installation process.

Customizable Installation Process

CachyOS offers a choice of two installers to fit your needs: a user-friendly GUI version based on Calamares, and a CLI-based option for those who prefer a streamlined, non-graphical installation experience.

Power Up Your Computing with Robust Kernel Support

CachyOS utilizes the advanced BORE Scheduler for enhanced performance, and offers a variety of scheduler options including CFS, PDS, BMQ, and TT. All kernels are compiled with optimized x86-64-v3, x86-64-v4 instructions and LTO for optimal speed and reliability.

Surf the Web Safely and Efficiently with CachyOS's Browser

Our default browser, Cachy-Browser, is a fork of the well-known Firefox with added security features and optimized performance. Patches from the librewolf browser are also incorporated for an even better browsing experience.

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